Where Coaching is More than Just Talking about Solutions

At Success Techniques we have developed revolutionary coaching techniques and are achieving phenomenol success. The core of our approach invloves coaching the mind as much as the body with leading psychological techniques such as anchoring and visualisation to name just a few. Now you can benefit from the kind of coaching techniques that are used by world champions in almost every sport.

    Intensive Training Enabling you to Become your own Trainer

Potential swimmers can usually be split into 2 groups, the first group have no phobias or inhibitions and are keen to learn, they are usually quite receptive to traditional teaching techniques. The second group however are the phobia swimmers who are nervous in the water and cannot usually be reached with traditional techniques. Now you can change all of that and transform the performance of even the phobia swimmers.

With Success Techniques you will learn how to use and integrate the best modern therapy techniques to simply transform performance.


Follow our proven techniques to convert far more enquiries into sales. Learn to understand each prospective customer and individually offer them what they need in ways they can understand. Apply the most advanced ethical training methods combining techniques such as EFT, iERT & Anchoring into something totally revolutionary.