For 30 years Heiko Stribl has been an avid swimmer and a successful runner and finisher of numerous Marathons and Ultras.

Trained as a Potential and Motivational Coach he combines the newest techniques and business practises used as a MBA ensuring you get top notch coaching leading you to your maximum potential.

"Long and Far at the most efficient pace".

Be it running or swimming, we can all find improvements in becoming more effective and efficient in our styles (in run & swim). Thats how I came to be the first German Total Immersion swim coach, after completing my TI Coach certificate under the skilful guidance of coaches as Mat Hudson and Master Coach Tracey Baumann. Finally in 2014 I fulfilled a dream by conducting the first German TI workshop with Terry Laughlin

However, ONLY Total Immersion isnít sufficient to answer all questions in regards to guiding a swimmer to improve in all areas. Therefore I further studied to become a Coach for Endurance Training, and qualified as a Master Coach for Potential and Motivational Training techniques. Really being able to address, understand and improve your physical and mental side of the sport.

As swim training progresses, I am very fortunate to have received further training from Swim Smooth Paul Newsome & Adam Young, further helping to improve my own swim speed and coaching skills in relation to gaining that extra advantage in the newest skills.

Having lived, worked, studied abroad for many years, I had the advantage to coach in many different, ensuring that I always aim to understand you as a unique individual, and getting you to your full potential.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Heiko Stribl
Germanys first Total Immersion Coach
Advanced Training Swim Smooth
Certified Coach for Endurance Training
Master Coach